Leather and Lace Inspiration Shoot

Last summer Michelle of Miesh Photography and I met with Valerie the Editor of Utah Bride and Groom to  brainstorm this crazy, awesome, off the wall, slightly terrifying close to tacky shoot over breakfast. We felt like it could be INCREDIBLE if we played it right. As we chose different elements during planning we wondered which side of the fence we teetered on with each wild choice. 

Inspired by old school video games, rubik's cubes and 80's punk, this shoot came together with magic I couldn't have anticipated. We couldn't have done it without amazing vendors and stunning models. I am so thrilled to be able to finally show how this came together! 

  Michelle and I had this wild idea for the Bride's dress that we crudely sketched out and never thought we would be able to get our hands on the real deal but LOW AND BEHOLD Hart of the Mountain brilliantly caught our vision and produced this killer dress. The bridesmaid's clothes came from Chalk Garden Co-op and all the ladies shoes came from Solestruck. I am still mad at myself for not stealing the bride's heels. Our handsome groom's suit came from Beckett and Robb. 

Everything in the wedding world has been soft, peach, romantic and ultra feminine. We wanted to find a balance between stunning and edgy for a Bride that wants something a little different than you find on every pinterest wedding board. Branch out! Personalize your wedding, think outside the box, find inspiration from your past and make it your own. Everyone will remember the wedding of the season that was different. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This dress was everything!


                                                                                                                                    This dress was everything!


Peter Loves Jane NAILED these invitations! 

Fun fact: the day of the shoot was Rubik's cube 40th anniversary

RIng by O.C. Tanner and necklace from Chalk Garden Co-op


Photography: Miesh Photography

Bridal Gown:  Hart of the Mountain

Grooms Suit: Beckett & Robb  
Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Bridesmaids Clothes: Chalk Garden Co-op
Shoes: Solestruck

Wedding Ring: O.C. Tanner, Jewelers

Signature Cocktail: Bar-x

Paper and Invitations: Peter Loves Jane

Cake: Cake-a-licious

Location: Mod a-go-go

Hair and Make up: Studio Enizio

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La Caille Wedding

Fall flowers, oh how they have stolen my heart. They are the most beautiful flowers of any season with lush blooms, fabulous textures and berries in rich, warm tones. The leaves turn from green to golden and fire red and remind us to enjoy the beauty before they disappear and make way for snow, cold and barren branches. Its a time to remember to savor what we have and the splendor of beauty that surrounds us.

Weddings during this time of year have a warmth that is hard to capture during other seasons, for those reasons I absolutely loved this wedding at La Caille. The autumn tones ranging from blush to burnt orange were a great way to transition from summer to fall.

The Bridal bouquet was full of lush full petaled blooms like garden roses, ranunculas, dahlias and accented with fall berries like snow berry and bittersweet vine. 

I couldn't help but snap this picture when I saw how the light hit these petals while we waited for Diet Coke (The only thing that gets me through wedding day set up) in the drive thru on the way to the venue. I could almost eat this bouquet. 


The centerpieces were tall glass vases with hydrangea, roses and snow berries made a great statement in the pavilion since there was a light of height to work with in this fabulous room. I love how the color really pops in this room. 

The Bride and Groom added so many personal touches which really made this wedding special, like hand written notes and carmel apples for each guest. Personalizing a wedding like adding table names after significant places to the couple really add a memorable touch and warmth to the event. 

Posted on October 22, 2014 .