Blooms & Co(ke)

When it comes to Diet Coke, there are three types of people:

1. Those who should probably be attending a 12-Step program announcing and celebrating that they haven't had a Coke for 2 hours. (You can often find these people referring to all types of soda as "Coke." Except for Pepsi. The drink who shall not be named.)

2. Those who have fallen onto a deep dark path who desperately need our help but haven't realized it yet. They can often be found smiling and seemingly oblivious to the fact that their lives could be filled with so much more happiness, if only they would put that awful "other" dark caramel colored drink down - hint hint - and drink a Coke instead. (We will unite and take action for these poor fallen friends of ours, in the name of quality beveraging.) 

3. The frustratingly healthy frenemies of ours that "don't drink soda" or "don't really like carbonation" or are "trying to drink more 'water' " or whatever that means.

Thankfully, we here at Blooms & Co are huge supporters of our friends over at Coca Cola, and we know that if you're cool then you are too! We got to putting our heads together and thought, "Maybe other people would thrive off of the pure joy that comes when a surprise Coke is delivered to you unexpectedly!" So, alas, the Dirty Diet Coke Crate was made! What better way to deliver a sip of happiness than surrounded by flowers, fun straws, and sugar cookies?! These can be delivered from a secret admirer, a quality BFF, the "cool-mom", or the future Employee-Of-The-Month. With pricing and sizing options to fit any budget, we'll have your go-to gift ready at the drop of a hat. Check out our fun photos below, and give us a call or order online today! 

*We dig the vintage vibe given from the glass Coke bottles, but if you'd prefer a different soda, plastic bottles are available on request. You psycho. 

Posted on June 13, 2017 and filed under Gift Crates.