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Father's Day- Honoring the Hard Workers and Man Champions

Ladies. Is there a Dad, Husband or Father in your life that could use a little recognition for Father's Day? I am sure there is a man or two in your life that you call when you need a spider killed, light bulbs changed, or if you're like me, a Dad you call when you blow a tire on the freeway. These hard working, bread winning, rough on the outside-- teddy bear on the inside men need a little pampering. They need a slap on the back that says "You are all man and I appreciate it" We have the perfect gifts picked out to help you say just that. 

Duke Cannon soaps, shave creams and bloody knuckles hand repair for example, Big Ass bars of American soap that "smell like accomplishment" and share proceeds with veterans all around the country are the perfect gift to pamper those hard working man bodies. 

All Guys like Pie-- We are working with  Sprinkle & Dash to bring you Mini Pies in 5 delicious flavors that can be ordered alone or paired with a man crate of your choice. Apple, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream and Key Lime are all sure to win over your Man's heart thru his stomach. 


Stay tuned to see full crates as well as GOLF CRATES that will be in stock soon. 


Posted on May 18, 2016 and filed under Father's Day.