In Good Company


Brynn Larsen // Owner

Growing up I would never let my mom put anything floral print in my room, no floral pillows, no floral print dresses, NOTHING FLORAL and my oh my, how my world has changed. Now it’s EVERYTHING FLORAL, floral walls, floral pictures and buckets of florals everywhere I look and I wouldn’t change a thing. I like to think that flowers are the tangible form of love. I LOVE witnessing people caring for others by sending them flowers they carefully pick out. I worked at a flower shop during school at Utah State University and loved it so much that I sometimes made it to work instead of school. Depression crept into my life and soon became debilitating, the only thing that got me out of bed was flowers. It was my safe space, that little shop full of pretty blooms. The companionship I found in the shop as we labored over flowers was my lifeline and little did I know it would soon be my life course. As my love for flowers grew I started to do a little on my own after I moved home from Logan. After 5 years of garage wedding work in awful temperatures and many late late LATE nights I decided to look for a full time floral gig. After a little searching, I found an apprenticeship in New York City. That week-long trip was all it took to help me know I was ready to do my own thing. I quit my day job at a law firm (while I worked there I fell ALL the way down a marble stair case while helping a lobbyist during legislature, I clearly wasn’t cut out for that line of work), and very soon after my little shop was born in the heart of downtown. Recently we moved to Millcreek and are loving every minute of it, florals have even made it onto the walls in the new space. When I am not up to my elbows in flowers, shop keeping or setting up weddings I can often be found sitting on a patio enjoying live music (also I LOVE a good hip hop show), EATING AT CHUNGAS, at watercolor class or escaping the valley to soak in a lake or a pool far far away from my email and phone.  I absolutely adore being an Aunt and enjoy spending a lot of time with my family. I love making the world around me pretty (some would argue the bones in my house aren’t “pretty”) and I feel so very lucky to spend my days surrounded by BLOOMS- especially quicksand roses, they are my JAM!


Lexcie Bennett // Florist + Visual Merchandising

Hey! I'm Lexcie, and here are a few things to know about me: Orange Naranga Roses are my FAVORITE. They are the most beautiful, almost matte-looking, orange - they are stunning! If you get an arrangement from us with those inside, I probably made it. You're welcome. ;) I had always dreamed of working in a flower shop since I was little just because I loved flowers, so I took a chance and applied at Blooms & Co and have been so happy and creatively fulfilled since! In fact, when I was little I used to go to my neighbors house when they weren't home because they had a beautiful garden full of flowers, and I would pick some of them to make a little bouquet for myself! I'm very visual and detail-oriented, so I think that can apply to both flower arrangements and visual displays around the store. I'm also a very tidy person, so I'm constantly cleaning the shop in my downtime. When I'm not busy with wedding weeks here at the shop, or the daily grind, I am often found reading, hanging out with my friends and family, going shopping, or at the movies!


Abbey Trujillo // Florist + Social Media/Photographer

Hi, hello! I'm Abbey. My favorite flowers are Protea's of all sorts, because of their unique and fierce looking beauty. Also, Waxflower, for it's long-lasting endurance and simplicity. I've always loved flowers; in fact as a child I would go around the block picking other peoples flowers, and putting them in the mailbox of their neighbors across the street, hoping that they'd think it was a gift from the neighbors whose garden they were from, and that it would inspire neighborhood friendships. My mother found out, and now I know much better than to pick someone else's flowers, but I still firmly believe in the friendships flowers can nourish. ;) I am an artist, and appreciator of art. Be it behind the camera, in front of a canvas, over a mixing bowl, or among a pile of petals; I feel in my element. After some time traveling parts of the world and living abroad with my husband, I found "home" at Blooms & Co with my work sisters Brynn, Lexcie, & Ruby. I enjoy/am-obsessed-with; soft pretzels, sour candy, and old fashioned music.


Miss Ruby

My name is Ruby, but you can call me "good girl." I'm a big fan of the mailman, fluffy stuffed toys, and eucalyptus leaves. I love the opportunity to constantly meet new people that the shop brings in, and i'm very good at helping keep wedding planning stress down for brides. I accept love in the form of pats on the head, dog treats, and belly rubs. Especially belly rubs.